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White roses in a vase on top of a decorated table

How to Plan the Perfect Florida Beach Wedding

Try these quick tips for comfort, convenience and style

White roses in a vase on top of a decorated table

Dreaming of a beach wedding but unsure how to make it happen? Discover the ideal wedding venue at Naples Grande Beach Resort, where professional planners and reserved beach means you don’t have to worry about a thing— you can just focus on your special day and loved ones.

Try these quick tips for planning your perfect beach wedding in Naples:


Focus on Timing

Surely, you’ve heard the saying, “Timing is everything.” The same advice holds true when planning a beach wedding. Naples is known for its balmy, beach-friendly climate, but for the best weather, plan your big day between November and April, when daytime high temperatures hover in the high 70s to low 80s, and precipitation is at its lowest. The time of day is also important: daytime weddings are bright and vibrant, while early evening weddings lend ideal natural lighting and breathtaking sunset pictures. May and October could be a better choice for evening wedding, as low temperatures don’t tend dip below the 60s.


Dress the Part

Perhaps the biggest draw to a beach wedding is the relaxed, carefree style. Be sure to play that up with a lightweight, flowy wedding dress that moves beautifully in the breeze, a casual veil—or none at all—and flat-soled sandals or espadrilles that won’t sink in the sand. Be sure to let wedding guests know about the recommended dress attire as well. Not only will it make for gorgeously styled photographs, but it will ensure guests stay comfortable during the ceremony and reception.

Consider Guest Comfort

Speaking of staying comfortable, think about providing some easy amenities to keep your guests in good spirits. If you’re planning a daytime wedding, party favors could include travel-sized bottles of high-quality sunscreen or customized hand-held fans. Or simply include a comfort station with sunscreen, bug spray, paper parasols for shade or a woven basket full of pashminas for nighttime warmth. If your ceremony is on the beach but your reception is indoors, offer a shoe rack so guests can change out of their fancy shoes and into a pair of flip flops for a seamless transition. And always include refreshments, such as ice-cold water, fresh juices or tropical cocktails to welcome guests.

Create a Backup Plan

Even the best planned events can sometimes go awry, so don’t let unexpected weather dampen your big day. Thankfully, Naples Grande Beach Resort offers numerous indoor wedding venues onsite, from sprawling ballrooms to the Sunset Veranda (an outdoor space with a covered area), so your wedding day can continue without a hitch, no matter what the forecast has in store.

Need more tips for your big day? Share some details about your upcoming wedding, and an experienced wedding planner will be in touch shortly to share expert advice.