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A Kayak Tour of Mangrove Forests

Mangrove Kayak Adventures

Paddle Your Way to Discovery

A Kayak Tour of Mangrove Forests

There are few experiences like paddling through a mangrove forest. Because of their strict habitat requirements, mangrove trees are a rare sight in most places. 90% of Florida mangroves are in the counties surrounding Naples— that’s over 400,000 acres to explore! For families, naturalists and the outdoorsy, it’s an essential part of a Florida vacation. Which is why so many visitors to the Naples Grande Beach Resort to take advantage of the many mangrove tours nearby.

What's a Mangrove?

There are over 80 species of mangrove trees throughout the world. Three species are most common to the Florida coastline: red mangrove (the most common), white mangrove, and black mangrove. They only grow in tropical and subtropical intertidal zones. Because they rely on accumulation of sediments to survive, their roots slow tides and absorb minerals that drift to the shallow seafloor. Not only are mangrove forests a fascinating coastal fixture, they also reduce erosion and provide shelter for wildlife. Read more about mangroves and protecting their habitat at Conservancy of South Florida


Why Tour the Mangrove Forests?

You don’t have to be an eco-tourist to appreciate mangrove forests. The tranquil solitude and harmonious sounds of flowing water in mangrove forests create an enchanting atmosphere. Much like the famous Saguaro cactuses of the American southwest, they’re an exotic plant that survives some of the harshest conditions and benefits the surrounding lands. Touring the mangrove forests of Florida is a virtually bug-free experience that still provides wildlife viewing. See a variety of birds and lizards, even dolphins, manatees and monkeys can make an appearance. Luckily, voyaging through mangroves is suitable for beginners, making is a memorable family attraction.